Il Caffè del Borgo | Who we are
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Our Story

Our company yesterday, today, tomorrow
The Origins of the Coffee

Our firm yesterday, today, tomorrow
There are smells, feelings and memories that are part of our lives, accompanying ourdays, giving us security. CAFFÈ DEL BORGO knows us well, knows how to speak to the heart… is our past… now!
This is precisely CAFFÈ DEL BORGO for me, memories of peaceful moments spent with the seniors of a little old country town gathered around a table sipping a coffee-flavored home, telling stories that come down to us.

All coffee beans are carefully selected by us to guarantee the optimum roast that goes in to creating the perfect coffee in every cup we sell. Also attentive to the new needs of our clients, our expert brewers continually consult with the best growers in the research of new blends to suit every taste.


Our state of the art production facility is a testament to our ambitions to continue to grow through a clear focus on quality and technological innovation combined with a full respect of the traditions of making great coffee. >> Discover our products

Caffè del Borgo combines quality with a respect for traditional coffee making

We have the European BIO certificate that ensures the transparency of the entire supply chain
and KOSHER certificate, a real additional guarantee of safety and quality for the consumer.